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A healthy hot chocolate, could it be possible?! Yes!

Our Cacao tea is made from cacao husks that have traditionally been a waste product of the chocolate making process, and we really wonder why? 

Brewing these cacao shells creates a surprisingly sweet and chocolatey tea, with little need for sugar, and a whole lot of good for your body!

Brewing instructions

Brew 1 tsp in 95-98 degree water for 5-7 minutes OR

2 tsp in 80 degree milk for 10 minutes for a creamier texture


Organic cacao shells


Here at Leif Tea Co we have created our products to help promote health and rest. We hope that our products will enable you to find more balance in your life. However, none of our products are made with the intent of being medicinal. Leif Tea Co makes no claims that any of our products will treat, cure or prevent any medical conditions. Please be aware that our blends contain herbs that have been known to interact with certain medication. Please consult your health care professional before consuming any of our products, particularly if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any existing health issues or are taking any medications.


We are proud to say that our teas are packaged in natural sustainable cello bags that are fully compostable. Just pop them in your compost with your veg scraps and it will turn into delicous food for your plants!