willelaine yogi diffuser drops

willelaine yogi diffuser drops

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Get into a meditative state with our O.G Yogi Blend. Yogi is the best blend for calming, soothing and grounding your body + mind. Best to diffuse when getting into a zen mode, or before meditation or yoga practice. The depth of this blend is simply divine, with patcholi, bergamot and lavender.

To use: Pop 5-10 drops into your diffuser with water + diffuse, simple!

This divine scent will travel through your home or studio + leave a wonderfully soothing scent behind. 

Best thing is, all of our products are 100% Natural + 100% Amazing

  • Diffuse daily for a beautiful, meditative scent.
  • Infuse your yoga-wear with our yogi scent by popping 10-20 drops into your washing machine when washing
  • Diffuse when meditating, practicing yoga or stretching for a calm and grounded mind.
  • Infuse your morning shower with our Yogi blend by popping 20 drops around the base of the shower. This scent will help you feel calm, grounded and ready.