HOW TO: Get the most out of your candle

Do you have a candle addiction? (Duh, because...same!)

How many candles is too many? (Hint: the limit does not exist)

Did you know there are some do's & dont's when burning a candle? No?

Read on for our top tips to get the longest, best smelling & most beautiful burn out of your favourite candles!


Every time and always! This reduces & controls the size of the flame, ensuring a nice clean and even burn which means no black soot on the rim!


The first burn is the most important. You want to create a full melt pool in which the melted wax reaches all sides of the vessel. This will prevent the candle from tunnelling in which the candle melts through the centre without melting the surrounding wax, leaving a solid rim of wax around the edge. 


Only burn your candle for 2-4 hours each time (depending on the size of the size of the vessel) and never leave your candle to burn unattended. Avoid burning your candle by open windows or under air vents as drafts can cause your candle to burn rapidly & unevenly. Stop burning your candle when 10-15mm of wax remains. 


Wick trimmings, dust and debris can cause your candle to smoke & burn unevenly, reducing the scent throw and burn time of your candle. Ensure adornments & embellishments (such as crystals & florals) are removed prior to burning your candle as these may catch alight or cause the vessel to crack. 


Reduce waste and reuse or recycle your vessel! Simply clean out the left over wax, remove the wick and clean the vessel with detergent. There are many ways to reuse your vessels, our favourites are as makeup brush holders, plant pots for succulents or vases for sweet little posies. 

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