It's been awhile...

I feel like I need to reintroduce myself - HELLO!

Welcome to my little space, it's so lovely to have you here. I'm Kimberley, the curator, owner and dreamer of The Little Life Collective.

I've been hibernating since closing the doors to my beloved store in Richmond. It was a bittersweet decision that I did not make lightly. 

Running my store brought me so much joy however, the demands of managing a physical store on my own, being a mum of two busy boys and the mental load of life became overwhelming - leaving little time for self-care, rest and balance.

Recognising those signs and acknowledging the need for change was such a turning point for me and I am so grateful for the love and support I received once I made that decision. 

Change can be daunting, but it is often the catalyst for immense growth and transformation. By choosing to prioritise my family, my mental health and adapting to the changing landscape of retail, I am embracing new opportunities and embarking on a fresh chapter in my little life dream! 

I'd love to hear from you and reconnect. Does this resonate with you? How and when do you prioritise yourself when life gets overwhelming?

Pop your thoughts below or reach out to me via socials, email or phone. Xx

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