Welcome to The Little Life Collective

Welcome to my little corner of calm, my dream space, the place where I feel inspired and invigorated. 

The Little Life Collective was created amidst the most chaotic period of my life - a global pandemic, the breakdown of my marriage, a couple local natural disasters & some serious personal growth! I was feeling unsettled in my life, restless and uninspired. It was time for something new...

So I gathered all my courage, I quit my safe but toxic retail job and jumped all in on a dream I'd been brewing for years. What followed was the most incredible journey finally realised and I have been so humbled with the support and love I've received along the way. 

The Little Life Collective online store was launched just over a year ago (one week into our second lockdown!) and 8 months later, in February 2022, I opened my first boutique in Richmond, NSW, nestled quietly in the shadows of the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. Dream come true stuff!


So what is The Little Life Collective all about?

Little Life is a thoughtfully curated collection of treasures for the home, the self & the little ones. Our brands are female owned, lead and created businesses. I believe in supporting small, like-minded creators like myself and wholeheartedly feel we are stronger together, the community I've found has been unlike any other. It is supportive, nurturing and empowering. I feel so lucky to work with such beautiful souls. 

Countless hours are spent sourcing unique, handmade, small-batch and ethically sourced homewares, gifts, self-care & lifestyle products designed to make our lives simple and beautiful (it is work, I swear!)

My hope is to create a little one-stop shop where you can treat yourself, shop for a gift or discover that perfect little treasure you didn't even know you were looking for.

I want you to feel welcomed and loved in this space. I want to know what you're searching for, who you are shopping for, what your plan is for the day while I share the incredible stories behind our makers, our pieces and designs. 

So please come along with me, there is so much to see and plenty more to come! 

- Kimberley x

Discover our newest treasures here.

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