willelaine sleep diffuser drops

willelaine sleep diffuser drops

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Get sleepy with our No. 1 requested diffuser drops blend. Dream is our go-to blend for an added bit of luxe to your night time routine. Pop on before bed for a dreamy scent to help you drift off. Feel stress melt away and your body relax into a soothed state. This stuff really is ah-mazing. 

To use: Pop 5-10 drops into your diffuser with water + diffuse, simple!

This divine scent will travel through your bedroom + leave a wonderfully calm scent ready for sleep.

Best thing is, all of our products are 100% Natural + 100% Amazing

  • Pop into your diffuser at nighttime for a dreamy scent to help you melt into your mattress
  • Put 10-20 Drops into your nighttime bath with epson salts to infuse your bath
  • If you dont have a shower, put 20 drops around the base of your shower to infuse your shower with the lavender + cedarwood scent.
  • Infuse your bedsheets by putting 10-20 drops into your washing machine when washing bedding, this will give your sheets a beautiful, relaxed natural scent.
  • Pop 10-20 drops into your child's bath at night if they are a nervous sleeper, restless or worried, this will really help them wind down.
  • Have next to bed and waft past nose before going to sleep, this will help you feel calm, relaxed and release any stress or anxiety.